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Unlock Your Financial Potential with Otium Financial Planners Goal Planning Solutions!

Secure your financial future and confidently pursue your dreams with Otium Financial Planners' innovative Goal Planning services. These services offer a personalized path to financial success, acting as your strategic partner in realizing your life's goals. Otium Financial Planners provides three tiers of planning solutions, each designed to turn your dreams into achievable outcomes. 

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Self Directed Money Guide One Planning Tool $0/per month1

Self-Directed planning provides a streamlined approach to personalized financial planning. It's crafted for ease of use and aims to help you reach your goals with minimal effort, offering a smooth, goal-focused path to financial stability.

Basic Planning $39/month2

Basic planning offers a streamlined approach to personalized financial planning, encompassing 'what if' scenarios, recommendations, Social Security, and Risk Reward analyses. It's crafted for ease of use, aiming to facilitate the achievement of your goals through a seamless, goal-oriented strategy for financial security.

Strategic Planning $79/month3

Strategic planning encompasses all the features of the Basic planning tool, augmented with advanced tools and insights. These assist with "what if" scenarios, tax planning, income planning, and Social Security analysis. It also includes personalized strategies, offering a comprehensive path to a rewarding future.

Advanced Planning $1500 one time fee then $149/month4

Advanced planning encompasses our Retirement, Tax Strategies, and Estate Planning Modules. Utilizing sophisticated tools and insights, we devise customized strategies to safeguard your future. We work in close partnership with your CPA and trust attorney to offer comprehensive, integrated planning for your financial security and the preservation of your legacy.

Why Opt for Otium Financial Planners Goal Planning?
Personalized Strategies - Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all plans! Our goal planning service tailors strategies that fit perfectly with your individual goals, lifestyle, and ambitions.

Comprehensive Insights - Receive a thorough understanding of your financial situation, including:
- Retirement planning
- Investment strategies
- Risk management
- Estate planning
- And more

Simplicity and Empowerment - Effortlessly make complex financial decisions with our straightforward tools and easy-to-use interfaces. We provide clear guidance without the jargon.

Realize Your Potential with Otium Financial Planners Goal Planning!
Whether it's achieving a secure retirement, financing your children's education, buying your dream house, or creating a lasting legacy, Otium Financial Planners gives you the strategies and assurance to turn your goals into achievements.

Collaborate with a Trusted Advisor
Create a bond with one of our of skilled financial advisors who are committed to guiding you every step of the way. Together, we'll craft a roadmap to financial freedom.

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1 Money Guide One planning tool is a self directed planning tool.  With this tool you will recieve limited planning services from an advisor

2 Basic planning tool includes 1-1/2 hours of planning services with an advisor every 6 months*

3 Strategic Planning includes 4 hours of planning services with an advisor every 6 months*

4 Advanced planning includes 6 hours of planning services with an advisor every 6 months*

*Additional hours will be billed at a rate of $150 per hour.